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La Ventana is located 7 km off the Los Planes Highway (286) out of La Paz. You can fly into La Paz (LAP) or Los Cabos (SJD). La Paz is closer but Los Cabos has many direct flights with attractive prices. The downside of flying to Cabo is that you will pay more for the taxi to La Ventana or have to rent a car. Once in La Ventana you generally will not need a car since everything is so close. However, you may want one to make other trips for sightseeing or snorkeling. 

For rental cars, we have gotten the best rates by negotiating directly at the airport. If it is a peak vacation time all the cars may be reserved and you will want to make your reservation early. Usually you can rent an economy car for around $200 for a week including insurance. A mini van will cost around $400 and a big van or SUV around $600.

Check with your credit card issuer as you may be able to decline the insurance the agencies offer. (Visa Gold or Platinum, for example, will act as the primary insurer for cars rented outside of the US.)

La Paz Flights:

La Paz has the advantage of being closer to La Ventana; only about 45 minutes by car. Unfortunately, the only direct flight to La Paz is from LAX so if you are coming from another area with a direct flight to Los Cabos that may affect your flight decision.Travelers who live in southern CA also have the option of taking the trolley or Uber to the border, walking across and getting  a taxi to Tijuana airport and flying from there to La Paz. Rental cars are also available at the La Paz airport. 

In La Paz, taxis to La Ventana are available at the airport or get in touch with us and we can set up your taxi-- the service costs about $120 US for RT ground transportation for 1-3 people plus $10 per extra person.

Los Cabos Flights:

 CONTINENTAL, UNITED, U.S. AIR, ALASKA, AMERICAN and AEROMEXICO (DELTA) are some of the airlines that serve Los Cabos (airport code SJD). Once you arrive at Los Cabos you can get to La Ventana by rental car or taxi. If you are taking a taxi, make sure you tell the driver that it is not "LAS VENTANAS," (which is near Los Cabos) but LA VENTANA (which is near Los Planes/La Paz) 

Also, be sure to have a price agreed on prior to getting on board. The drive is about 2 hours. We work with specific taxi companies that offer better prices than what you would get at the airport. Round trip (RT) ground transfer cost is about $260 for up to 3 passengers plus $10 per extra person for 4-10 passengers. There is also a local web blast where visitors get ride shares together. We are working with one of our taxi companies to get daily shuttle going from/to La Ventana, more details soon.


Driving Instructions:

Drive out of airport and turn right, you will be on Hwy 1 heading toward La Paz. When you get to the whale tail monument bear right at the signs for La Paz Centro/ Los Cabos and you will be on Blvd Las Garzas (also called Blvd Agustin Olachea) Follow it to where you will turn right on Blvd Luis D. Colosio. Continue out of La Paz and it turns into Hwy 286 to SJ de Los Planes. You will know you are on the right road when you pass the Pepsi and Coca Cola bottling plants. The road heads up the mountains then drops into the Los Planes valley, where you will have your first view of La Ventana bay. In about half an hour from La Paz you'll see a paved road on the left that is signed El Sargento. Turn left. Then follow the Home Stretch directions.

FROM LOS CABOS AIRPORT ( Click to see map ): 
Set odometer to zero as you come around the overpass at SJD airport and merge with hwy 1 heading towards La Paz. Km markers are as follows:
68km; pass town of Los Barriles, stay on Hwy 1.
86 km; pass through town of San Bartolo (lots of speed bumps) stay on Hwy 1.
114 km; after going though mountains and passing km marker 155 (white sign,) you are now coming into town of San Antonio. You will pass by a Pemex gas station on the left. Stay on Hwy 1 for approx another 100 yards then look for paved right turn with lots of signs for various businesses and resorts in La Ventana/El Sargento. Turn right and follow paved road and signs to Los Planes. You are now on the paved cut off road which connects San Antonio to Los Planes.
136km; arrive at T intersection near Los Planes, turn left towards La Paz. You will be on this road for approx 3 km.
Approx 139km; take the first right (after the roadside shrine.) You’ll see numerous signs for Coyas/La Ventana/El Sargento businesses. You are on the last 7 km stretch!

Approx 146km is the first speed bump coming into town of La Ventana. Continue another couple hundred meters / yards where road dips down you will see our lighted sign on the right for "Coyas/Ventana Windsports." Turn right on the sloping dirt road at the sign and then bear left on frontage dirt road to parking area in front of the pink rock wall. You are here! The office is just inside the gate to the right.


During the winter months of December thru mid February, the daytime air temperature varies from 65°F to 80°F degrees with a water temperature of 70-75° minimum and even warmer early and late season. Most days you will be quite comfortable with a swimsuit or shorts and T-shirt. A sweatshirt or windbreaker is sometimes nice for cool and windy days.Nights can sometimes be quite cool, especially in December and January. "UGG" or similar fleece boots are great to slip into after sailing.Long pants and a pile jacket or heavy sweatshirt are good for night and early morning lounging as the temperature does drop at night and it can be quite cool-- even down into the high 40s in the coolest months (mid-December to end of January.) 

The sun is intense: bring a hat and waterproof sunscreen, preferably SPF 30 or higher if your skin is fair.

We usually have some rocks in the launch area (it is constantly changing!) but many locals and guests still sail and kite barefoot from the sandy beach. We do have a good selection of booties for guest use and also a few loaner wetsuits and harnesses. You will most likely want to bring your own wetsuit, harness, helmet and booties.