Marcella| mwasson@gmail.com

Chip's wife here! We were so incredibly happy with your place. Nothing could've been better. The location was perfect for the event, the place is beautiful and we cannot say enough about the food. Thank you so much for having us. We now know where we'll be staying when we come to La Ventana again. Everyone was very friendly and we look forward to meeting you next time we're there.

Patricia Martin Bunch

I wanted to write and say what an amazing time we had and how much I love your place. Kenny and his staff do an outstanding job with the meals, and making everyone happy and comfortable. Molly's yoga in the morning is an extra bonus. I can see why Christina loved it here, and am sorry I missed the year before. Thank you for having a vision and making it a reality. Although the construction of your new restaurant was sometimes a little loud, it had little affect on our fun. I will be back for sure, and try and pick up where Christina left off in spreading the word of how great Ventana Wind Sports truly is. Congratulations on the birth of your triplets! Parenthood is certainly the journey of a lifetime.

Tom Gandesbery

I wanted to loop back to you and let you know that we had a great stay at your place and would definitely come back and recommend it to others. The staff was very helpful, the beach is amazing; the cabin was just right and the gear all rigged and ready to go was sweet (you don't need any more gear!) What can I say, it's a Windsurfer's paradise. I was fortunate to have near perfect sailing conditions with high winds for 4 of my five days and a week later am still healing my blisters and raw hands from too much fun. The SUP boards and kayaks were a big hit with my non-sailing family members and really nice to have access to on those glassy mornings. The hot tub and fridge full of beer was the icing on the cake. Thanks and hope to be down again next winter.

Mike Godsey
iwindsurf forecaster, Baja & Gorge migratory creature

When it comes to winter in Baja I have camped and sailed all over the peninsula. Cabo Plumo, for example, has huge breaking swell and an incredible shoreline but unreliable wind. Los Barriles has bit stronger wind and swell and more social life but it lacks the beauty of other sites and it has no thermal wind for those days El Norte fades. La Ventana has the best combination: Big swell with no cross chop, the most reliable winter wind, the most spectacular sailing scenery and prices like the old days in Baja. What I like about it is the amazing clean lines of big swell and the very steady winds. Typically you just use one sail during the day. In the morning you can catch fish, kayak, or dive in calm conditions while watching the wind line slowly getting closer to shore. Then when the wind line reaches the beach, rig and sail. 

How's this for a recommendation: Once I sailed here I bought land here!

Christopher deCharms

If you want to go where life's warm and slow, go to Baja. If you want fantastic wind for kiting, go to La Ventana. If you want the place to relax well, eat amazing food, lounge in the shade and watch the kite/air show or sit in the hot tub after you get out of the water, go to Ventana Windports. You can feel the care and hard work that Esteban and crew have put into creating this place over the years. You'll not find another like it anywhere.

Ryan Brevard

Thanks for a wonderful time in Baja. We all had a great time and will surely return! You have a tremendous staff, one that is polite and hard working. A special thanks to Edgar and Kenny for all their hard work and effort to make our trip one to remember. They are a big reason why we will return.


Our experience at Ventana Windsports went way beyond any previous description or expectation! The plentiful five star meals, use of top flight water and wind equipment, Stephen's unique cabana designs and overall resort layout were all superb. The big difference to us though, was the courteous staff. These folks are totally professional, taking care of our family's needs with big smiles, while allowing all guests relaxed use of the entire facility as their own. We were fortunate enough to truly connect with the staff and other guests in a way that will ensure friendships for years to come. Yes, we will certainly be back next year!

David St. John

My wife and I spent a week at Ventana Windsports between Christmas and New Year's. It's a beautiful place with all the comforts of home (flush toilets, refrigerator, hot showers, great food), but none of the annoyances, and plenty of wind. Steve keeps about several quivers of sails rigged and in a bodega on the beach, right next to a big rack of about 35 boards in any range you could ever need. Sailing literally out of his backyard/beach (no car racks, no rigging, no lugging gear down to the water) - that's the way a vacation should be! On the calm days, my wife took beginner lessons (she's learning quicker than I did!) and I went exploring in one of the kayaks. Overall, it was a great vacation and we hope to go back next year.

Greg Payne

I just got back from a week in La Ventana. It was awesome - 5.5, 5.5,5.0, 4.7, 4.7, 4.7 The 4.7 days were a lot like an epic ebb day at Third ave. (San Francisco) This was a great winter fix. We stayed at Ventana Windsports which I highly recommend. Beautiful beach, great equipment and awesome sailing conditions. If anybody wants more info on this place let me know.