3 Hiking Trails to Trek This Summer, Ventana Windsports

3 Hiking Trails to Trek This Summer

August 27, 2019

Summer is here and we just can’t wait to strap on our hiking boots and hit the trails. From panoramic views to wooded forests, you’ll love every second hiking around our region.

#3: Blue Lagoon Lake

This hike is absolutely stunning. A 3.5 mile walk through old growth forest will unveil a hidden lake tucked between the trees. Bring a picnic and a camera as you’ll want spend some time here.

#2: Ricky’s Rock

Perfect for an early morning sunrise hike or a mid-afternoon activity, Ricky’s Rock is a hike everyone should complete. A gentle 0.6-mile trek will lead you to the top of Ricky’s rock where you’ll be able to gaze out over the valley.

#1: Yellowbelly Preserve

Calling all birders! Yellowbelly Preserve is a great place to get into nature and connect with your roots. With over 20 miles of intertwining trails, you’ll find something to fit your day. Bring a pair of binoculars as you’ll likely be able to spot one of the 300+ resident species.

Strap on those boots, grab a canteen full of water, and get outside! For avid hikers, check out our other blog post 5 Waterfall Hikes Around Our Inn on a hot day to find somewhere to cool off.

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3 Hiking Trails to Trek This Summer, Ventana Windsports

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