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Kiteboarding magazines consistently rate La Ventana as one of the best places to learn and train. From mid-October to mid-April there’s warm water and consistent wind suited for beginners to experts. Around late morning the winds begin, light at first, and typically building to 15-25 mph in the afternoon. It usually blows from about 11:00 to 4:00 or 5:00 with calm mornings and evenings for other activities or relaxing.

You can launch on the wide beach right in front of the resort. The winds are side shore, and there’s an air hose on the beach to get your kite ready quickly. Onsite gear storage is in our beachfront bodega.

For an extra fee, we’ll shuttle you upwind for a downwinder:

To Campground: $10 (2 rider minimum)

To Hot Springs: $20 (2 rider minimum)

Kiteboarding / Wing Foiling, Ventana Windsports

This season, we will resume running our full service water sports center with all the great gear you want, and any instruction you may need to help maximize your water play.

Wing-foiling- We have lots of great gear from Fanatic (boards and foils) and Duotone wings, and instructors ready to take you from zero to hero! The instruction is tailored toward your level, generally starting with instruction on the shore, followed by tow foil training behind a jet ski, then moving to the water with wing and board

Kitesurfing- In order to rent kite surfing gear, you will need to demonstrate proficiency or present an IKO card. Our instructors can assess proficiency, and provide lessons on land and water if needed. Jet ski-assisted lessons are also available.

We are in the process of updating our water sports rental, and instruction site, but in the interim, please contact us directly: or Miguel; Mex cell/whatsapp +52 612 288 0706

instruction and lessons

Full service sports center for wing foil, kiteboarding, and windsurfing- instruction and gear rental right on the beach! wingfoil and windsurf gear rental for both hotel and walk-in guests. Top notch gear from Fanatic and Duotone for lessons and rentals. Wingfoil boards from 55-145 lts, foils from 1050- 2400cm2. Please contact us for specs and availability, or to reserve in advance.

The resort is in the most ideal location in La Ventana- long, sandy launch area, negligible shore break, and a wide sweeping beach downwind. Jet skis for lesson assist or foil training.

All prices include IVA tax. Pay w/cash (U.S. or Peso) or credit card (visa/mc). Guests and daily renters are responsible for loss or damage to equipment. Renters must sign risk waiver and provide credit card prior to rental. Multiple day discounts for gear rental.

Whatsapp +52 557 397 4510

Baja: 011 52(612)114-0065 (From US)

La Paz: 114-0065

Greater Mexico:01 612 114-0065



Wing Foiling- Instruction will generally start on the shore, and then move to the water when you are ready. The instruction is tailored toward your level, and with just two or three lessons, you will be ready to practice your skills on your own. We also have jet skis available to help get you out there learning to foil behind the jet ski even if there is no wind. It’s a great way to isolate the skills of foiling and wing use; Divide and conquer!

Kitesurfing- We have two IKO instructors on-site, available to teach in English or Spanish on new Duotone kite gear. We also have two-way radio helmets, which allow our instructors to carry on hands-free instruction while you are on the water, as well as ATV shuttles. We can also set you up with some of our local kitesurfing instructor partners if our instructors are already booked. Our beachfront launch is one of the best spots in the area, with a nice wide and sandy beach!

For pricing information, and scheduling lessons, please contact use directly.

US: 1-707-738-1813 (9am-5pm PST)

Baja cell or WhatsApp +52 612 288 0706

La Paz: 114-0065

Greater Mexico: 01 612 114-0065



What Our Guests Say

We always stay at Ventana Windsports and we LOVE it! We go to LV several times throughout the winter to get our wind fix and we always land at Windsports. The staff is amazing, beach access is as good as it gets and the rooms are great – clean, comfortable and spacious. The location is perfect – both for launching kites and for walking or biking easily to nearby bars and restaurants. The place feels like a home away from home and we can immediately feel like we are on vacation as soon as we arrive.



What Our Guests Say

We were so incredibly happy with your place. Nothing could’ve been better. The location was perfect for the event, the place is beautiful and we cannot say enough about the food. Thank you so much for having us. We now know where we’ll be staying when we come to La Ventana again. Everyone was very friendly and we look forward to meeting you next time we’re there.



What Our Guests Say

If you want to go where life’s warm and slow, go to Baja. If you want fantastic wind for kiting, go to La Ventana. If you want the place to relax well, eat amazing food, lounge in the shade and watch the kite/air show or sit in the hot tub after you get out of the water, go to Ventana Windports. You can feel the care and hard work that Esteban and crew have put into creating this place over the years. You’ll not find another like it anywhere.



What Our Guests Say

My wife and I spent a week at Ventana Windsports between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s a beautiful place with all the comforts of home, but none of the annoyances, and plenty of wind. Steve keeps about several quivers of sails rigged and in a bodega on the beach, right next to a big rack of about 35 boards in any range you could ever need. Sailing literally out of his backyard/beach – that’s the way a vacation should be! On the calm days, my wife took beginner lessons and I went exploring in one of the kayaks. Overall, it was a great vacation!



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Kiteboarding / Wing Foiling, Ventana Windsports

Dom. Conocido, La Ventana, 

BCS 123, Mexico 

U.S. 1-707-738-1813

Baja 011 52(612)114-0065

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