Activities In The Area

Aside from our activities, like wing foiling, kiteboarding, windsurfing, stand up paddle and mountain biking, there’s LOTS to do around here! Immerse yourself in the natural landscape or take a break with one of the nearby fitness or yoga classes.

Ocean wildlife safari/snorkeling trips to Isla Cerralvo or sport fishing trips can be arranged with local skippers. Trips to swim with the Whale Sharks near La Paz can be arranged too! Cynthia and Suzi offer great Swedish and Sports massage at our massage pagoda, on-site. There are great local hiking trails through the cactus forests and desert mountains.

Besides all that, there’s always a good book and a hammock under a palm tree waiting for you. End the evening in the spa or fire pit lounge under the starry Baja skies.

Activities, Ventana Windsports


From mid-October to April/May, La Ventana offers great conditions for a Baja California windsurfing vacation.Lots of great gear from Fanatic and Duotone as well as some wind foiling gear.

Activities, Ventana Windsports

Stand Up Paddle

 We have a large fleet of boards and paddles available for our guests as well as rentals for non-guests.

Activities, Ventana Windsports

Kiteboarding + Wing Foiling

Kiteboarding magazines rate La Ventana as one of the best places to learn and train. We have instructors, jet skis , and lots of great gear from Fanatic, Duotone, and Axis and can set you up ! Wind sports center open daily 9-5 on windy days

Activities, Ventana Windsports

Mountain Biking

 On-site bike rentals available to guests and walk in clients . There are many miles of great local trails and we have a big fleet of Giant carbon hardtail and aluminum FS bikes, guides available too!

Activities, Ventana Windsports

Explore La Ventana

Nearby events and nightlife. A short drive away is La Paz and great bars, night clubs, and discos along the waterfront esplanade. Taxis can be arranged locally.

Spanish Lessons

Learn how to speak Spanish! lessons with local teachers can be set up upon arrival or prior by contacting us directly.

Activities, Ventana Windsports

Snorkeling Trips

Snorkeling trips to Isla Cerralvo or to swim with the Whale Sharks near La Paz can be arranged !

Activities, Ventana Windsports

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing trips can be arranged with local skippers.


What Our Guests Say

We always stay at Ventana Windsports and we LOVE it! We go to LV several times throughout the winter to get our wind fix and we always land at Windsports. The staff is amazing, beach access is as good as it gets and the rooms are great – clean, comfortable and spacious. The location is perfect – both for launching kites and for walking or biking easily to nearby bars and restaurants. The place feels like a home away from home and we can immediately feel like we are on vacation as soon as we arrive.



What Our Guests Say

We were so incredibly happy with your place. Nothing could’ve been better. The location was perfect for the event, the place is beautiful and we cannot say enough about the food. Thank you so much for having us. We now know where we’ll be staying when we come to La Ventana again. Everyone was very friendly and we look forward to meeting you next time we’re there.



What Our Guests Say

If you want to go where life’s warm and slow, go to Baja. If you want fantastic wind for kiting, go to La Ventana. If you want the place to relax well, eat amazing food, lounge in the shade and watch the kite/air show or sit in the hot tub after you get out of the water, go to Ventana Windports. You can feel the care and hard work that Esteban and crew have put into creating this place over the years. You’ll not find another like it anywhere.



What Our Guests Say

My wife and I spent a week at Ventana Windsports between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s a beautiful place with all the comforts of home, but none of the annoyances, and plenty of wind. Steve keeps about several quivers of sails rigged and in a bodega on the beach, right next to a big rack of about 35 boards in any range you could ever need. Sailing literally out of his backyard/beach – that’s the way a vacation should be! On the calm days, my wife took beginner lessons and I went exploring in one of the kayaks. Overall, it was a great vacation!



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Activities, Ventana Windsports

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