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From mid-October to April/May, La Ventana offers great conditions for a Baja California windsurfing vacation: warm water, good wind, and a variety of sailing sites well-suited to anyone from beginning waterstarters to freestyle experts. The north wind here is more consistent than other Baja locations due to the Venturi effect created by Cerralvo Island to our east, and the thermal suction from the rising hot air from the desert peninsula to our south. The wind usually starts in late morning, light at first; typically building to 15-25 mph in the afternoon. It usually blows all day with calm mornings and evenings for other activities or relaxing. Then there are the epic days of the big Nortes; these days are peppered throughout the season and provide great high-wind sailing and swell for those who are up to it. There are even a few spots for the wave sailors on those big days.

Sailing conditions are uncrowded. Our location is in the best area in La Ventana with a big, sandy beach to launch from and negligible shore break most of the time. There are some rocks in the launch area, but many local sailors still sail barefoot. During the months of December, January, and February you probably want a full suit with short sleeves (3mm/2mm), especially if you get cold easily. For early and late season sailing a shorty or spring suit is fine. We have a limited selection of rental wetsuits and harnesses. Bring gloves, booties and a helmet if you want them for sailing or kiting.

Windsurf and Stand up Paddle gear is available onsite from our beachfront watersports center. Ventana Windsports guests have priority on rental gear but we have lots available for walk ins as well. Offsite windsurf rental also available... contact us for details.

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Click here for wind readings and forecast.
Note! Local wind speeds will be 5-10 knots higher than what is shown. As a general rule, if the windspeed shown is more than 8 knots and wind is from the North it will be strong enough for windsurfing and kiting.

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