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Stand Up Paddle Mexico
Stand Up Paddle Mexico


As far as boards go, we have a large variety of shapes and sizes. from boards sized for kids all the way up to 14' race boards and downwind boards. Come on down and give it a go!

Non-Guest SUP or KAYAK rental:
2 Hour or less $20 US
Daily $50 US
5 or more days $35/day US

*Ventana Windsports guests may use SUP and Kayaks without charge.

Guests and daily renters are responsible for loss or damage to equipment. We do not have insurance available and expect you to treat the equipment as though it were yours. Use implies acceptance of responsibility for any gear damage. All prices are in US dollars and include VAT, Pesos taken at current exchange rate. Renters must sign risk waiver and provide credit card prior to rental.
Precios en dolares EUA incluyen IVA, pesos segun tipo de cambio, gente que van a rentar necesitan firmar renuncia de riesgo y usar tarjeta de credito antes de usar equipo.

Upwind shuttles for SUP or kite are available--
To Campground: $5.
To Hot Springs: $10.
2 rider minimum.

Stand Up Paddle Mexico Stand Up Paddle Mexico Stand Up Paddle Mexico Stand Up Paddle Mexico
Stand Up Paddle Mexico Stand Up Paddle Mexico

La Ventana Bay is a great place to participate in stand up paddle Mexico (SUP). We have a large fleet of boards and paddles available for our guests as well as rentals for non-guests.

Conditions can vary and offer a little bit of something for everybody. Mornings are usually flat and glassy-- great for paddlers of all ages and abilities. Or, take a long paddle with a race board. stretch out your arms and go for some speed!

In the afternoons, when the wind is up, it's a blast to do a downwinder with the wind and swell behind you. We can run you up wind with a shuttle and have boards that are specifically suited for going down wind. There are rare mornings when the surf comes up and you can paddle down to the break in the corner of the bay and catch easy longboard-style waves.



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