Ventana Windsports
Activities Including Baja Mexico Kitesurfing & Fishing  

Limber up your body and calm your mind with Molly Kissinger’s morning  yoga 6 days a week. 

Take one of our new fleet of GIANT mountain bikes for a spin in the Sierras just outside of town. The trail network and quality has improved dramatically in the past few years. Check out our biking video here.

Sea kayaks and snorkeling gear are available for you to explore the Sea of Cortez. 

The La Ventana Bay is a great place to try out our fleet of SUP boards from FANATIC, JP, SURFTECH, & HOBIE for great flat water paddling, downwinders, and even waves on some days. Check our SUP video here.

Sightseeing/snorkeling trips to Isla Cerralvo or Baja Mexico fishing trips can be arranged for those so inclined.

Veronica & Cynthia offer great Swedish and Sports massages at our massage pagoda on-site. 

Morning Spanish lessons with Sergio can be set up upon arrival or prior by contacting Sergio directly. Visit

Surf the web on our Wi-Fi coverage. This year the service is scheduled to be upgraded to fiber optics so there should be faster  speed.

Nearby La Paz has some great bars, night clubs, and discos along the waterfront esplanade and it's a short drive away. Taxis can be arranged locally. 

Besides all that, there's always a good book and a hammock under a palm tree waiting for you. (If you're looking for wild nightlife you'll have to make it yourself... our nightlife consists of a campfire by the beach or a soak in the hot tub under a sky full of countless stars!)


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Ventana Windsports Video
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Ventana Windsports Video
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Ventana Windsports Video
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