January 17, 2017
January 17, 2017


When it comes to winter in Baja I have camped and sailed all over the peninsula. Cabo Plumo, for example, has huge breaking swell and an incredible shoreline but unreliable wind. Los Barriles has bit stronger wind and swell and more social life but it lacks the beauty of other sites and it has no thermal wind for those days El Norte fades. La Ventana has the best combination: Big swell with no cross chop, the most reliable winter wind, the most spectacular sailing scenery and prices like the old days in Baja. What I like about it is the amazing clean lines of big swell and the very steady winds. Typically you just use one sail during the day. In the morning you can catch fish, kayak, or dive in calm conditions while watching the wind line slowly getting closer to shore. Then when the wind line reaches the beach, rig and sail. 

How’s this for a recommendation: Once I sailed here I bought land here!